Is Your Head on Straight?


Is Your Head on Straight? Try these #YogaSparks to develop healthy posture… #yoga


Freeze! Don’t move and notice your posture.

Chances are–­­if you’re reading this on a computer, tablet or smart phone–­­your head and shoulders are hunched forward and your spine is rounded. Your neck, jaw and dominant arm may also be tense.

This common habit, known as “forward head posture,” can lead to a wide array of ailments–­­from headaches, neck and back pain, to problems with…

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Anonymous asked:
How can I get better at yoga?


By practicing yoga. 


Amy Ippoliti

I tried this pose today after opening my shoulders and hip flexors but the pose was met with a giant fail. It looks attainable since I was already practice mermaid and standing mermaid but I was left laughing on my mat after being humbled to grab my hand. I’m going to try it again soon. Fingers crossed! 

I’m teaching an Arm Balance intensive at @lifetimefitness this weekend!! I’m so excited to get these yogis flying!

In the meantime, practice your arm balances using any of the instructional videos on my youtube channel and share it with me using #sarahbethyoga  

Check out MaDonna & how she lost 30 lbs the healthy way. 

I just LOVE this girl and what she is doing with her life! She lost 30 lbs in 7 months, not just for her wedding, but because she wanted to feel better. I think we all can relate there. She used Blogilates, SarahBethYoga & MyFitnessPal to get fit and healthy and she continues to use these tools today! She understands that health isn’t a magic fix, but a lifestyle change. Check out her blog, twitter and facebook for more inspiration and to follow a girl, just like you, who’s got a good head on her shoulders and a lovely personality to match. <3 

This Is Why I Practice Yoga.

I love this short article, it’s raw, honest and humble. 

  • I practice yoga because it keeps me healthy, limber and pain free from scoliosis pain and migraines.
  • I practice yoga because it’s helping me creating a loving relationship with myself and my body.
  • I practice because it is a healthy way to release stress that would otherwise be released on my loved ones or manifest physically within my body.
  • I practice yoga because it is a practice of discipline, patience and persistence, all things I would like more of. I could go on and on!
  • I practice yoga because I believe there is a direct correlation to regular practice and my Ulcerative Colitis remission.
  • I practice yoga because I love how easy meditation is right after/during Savasana.
  • I practice yoga because I share it with the internets and if I stopped practicing completely I would fall apart and hermit from the world.
  • I practice yoga because I’ve seen an immense amount of mental and physical growth since I started over 7 years ago, especially in the last 3.5 years, and I’m excited about what is to come if I continue. 
  • I practice yoga because it makes me feel alive! 

"I practice yoga because ______________________." (fill in the blank) ?

I just had the most amazing yoga practice after an intense upper body workout. I’m getting stronger and so much more flexible it’s insane! I credit most of that to my workout-yoga fusion. With the help of my trainer friend I’m lifting 4x/week (2 days upper body with free weights + 2 days lower body lifting heavy using machines and barbells) and yoga everyday (home practice or class) I feel so incredible!

But nobody should ever look this good after a decent workout/yoga sesh!  This is a #tbt to a shot that the awesome @mcduffphoto took of myself with the help of @muanicolefae ❤

What kind of fitness do you pair your yoga practice with?


Bedtime Yoga Practice (15 minutes) 

This video has become so popular on YouTube that I’m considering making a second Bedtime Yoga Routine to upload! If you haven’t tried it yet, check out these comments and hopefully you’ll have a similar experience :)






How silly that I feel so successful when people tell me I put them to sleep. What specifically would you like and not like in a Bedtime Yoga Routine? Message me :)


Back when I was in teacher training I learned that “the pose you like the least is the one you need to work on the most.” At the time my least-liked pose was Camel. I had very little flexibility in my upper back, a mild scoliosis that I wasn’t aware of yet and an aversion towards uncomfortable, nausea-inducing backbends!

But I worked on it like I was told I should. Now, not only can I breath in poses like camel and full wheel, but I actually like them!! What is your least favorite pose? 

Yogini warriors, pay attention ;)

Top 3 experiences after a roadtrip:

  • long hot shower 
  • first sleep in the Tempur Pedic
  • first yoga practice

Vacation was wonderful, but it feels nice to get back into my routine. Teaching, working out and assembling wedding invites today

life is grand 

Very cool - X-ray video of a person holding and flowing yoga poses. I love seeing joints stack and imagining all the intricate muscles, ligaments and fascia that help support those poses. Our bodies are amazing.

Screenshot from my latest video “Yoga to Lengthen & Strengthen the Lower Body.” This video specifically targets the hip flexors and hamstrings. Try pairing it with the Gentle Hip Opening video for a total hip transformation. (Link on my profile page) if you liked it, share it! #yoga #yogavideo #yogaroutine #flexibility #stretch

Yoga Routine to Lengthen & Strengthen the Lower Body (16 minutes) 

Try this complete sequence to improve your lower body flexibility and stability. Great for back health too!

This was designed to target the hip flexors and hamstrings, which are stubborn and tense areas in the body so take it easy. You’ll get much more out of this by practicing it with modifications a couple times a week, than trying to bulldoze through it just once. Enjoy :) 

~Sarah Beth Yoga

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