Model: Sarah Beth

Designer: Carmichael Claith

Photographer: Marshall Franklin Long

We shot this back in 2011, I still love it!

This is the only shot I’ve seen published so far from that Lifetime Fitness membership advantage shoot! If any of you are members of Lifetime keep an eye our for me in your emails!

This was the last photoshoot I’ve done. I unofficially, officially quit modeling when I left MN at the end of June. My agents were able to squeeze this last Lifetime Fitness shoot out of me just a week before I left. 

I was grateful to have been there, every experience shooting is always so new and fun. But I was so over modeling and this day I was happy for it to be my last shoot.

One step at a time

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The Ultimate Vinyasa Yoga Cooldown (10 mins)

End your yoga practice or workout with this Vinyasa yoga cooldown. Twist, stretch and relax your whole body, in the end you’ll “wake up” feeling refreshed and renewed

Fish Pose

My favorite heart opener! 

  • Model - Sarah Beth
  • Photog - Chris McDuffie
  • Mua - Nicole Fae

Crow Pose Demo in 2.5 minutes!

Learn basic technique and alignment for Crow Pose. Take it slow and steady in this powerful balancing posture which strengthens the shoulders, arms, wrists and core. Place this in your regular yoga practice and you’ll be flying in no time!

This was from last year. 8 Limbs Pose. I’m going to add it back into my practice and take another picture this year. For growth, ya know! 

I woke up this morning to find this graphic on my FB. hahaha thanks EvNtsaum Ais Now I just need one of my images made up as a sexy devil… 


Quick Full Body Yoga Stretch with @SarahBethModel

This our first holiday season living together! xo (Taken with instagram)

for Carmichael Claith, shot by Marshall Long

My friend Nicole Feest and I got some guys in the park to assist in a quick shot. It was spectactular. Miss you Nicole!