Get to know Sarah Beth ~ ONE Yoga’s Featured Teacher of the Week


ONE Yoga, the studio I teach and practice at interviewed me and the questions were a joy to answer :) -SB

What’s a fun fact no one knows about you?

A couple years ago, I visited a friend in Hawaii for 2 weeks and got my Class-A skydiving certification. I jumped 25 times, 21 of those were solo. I bit it pretty hard once, well twice, and probably knocked a few screws loose, but it was an exhilarating experience and I loved seeing the ocean and island from 13,000 feet up. I was also (almost) attacked by a 6 foot blacktip reef shark during a photo shoot, learned how to surf, and cliff jumped into the ocean with a bunch of skydivers in the middle of the night. Those people are a crazy bunch!

What is your main Goal/Resolution for 2014?
I’m getting married this year! My main goal for 2014 is to go with the flow, accept situations as the present themselves and enjoy myself and the people around me.

What are your hobbies?
When I’m not teaching or practicing yoga, I’m updating my yoga blog, taking yoga pictures or filming/editing a yoga video to upload on YouTube. I need some thrill every once in a while so skydiving, cliff jumping, extreme rides, rip cords, and rock climbing are usually on my list of activities if gravity starts weighing me down. 

If you could travel anywhere next week, where would you go and why?
I would go to Japan, but I’d have to stop in Minnesota first to grab my Dad because he loves the Japanese culture. We would have a blast with all the fresh sushi, sake, and teahouses! We’d definitely explore historical sites, visit the gigantic spider crabs, and well I’d probably talk him into getting tattoos. My dad is cool like that, so is Japan. 

What’s your favorite yoga experience?
I created a pop-up donation based yoga studio in a Minnesota banquet hall called OMroom. I posted flyers all over town to market and I built both of my weekly classes up to having an average of 18 people! I loved every minute of setting up: lighting the candles and incense, the playlists I had, and even washing the dozen rental mats that I acquired! But what I loved the most was that people showed up, kept coming back, and regularly expressed their gratitude for having a safe place where they can experience the benefits of yoga, regardless of finances, sometimes when they needed it most. It was in a way, a karma yoga experience. 

Always a Student

I had a powerful moment of clarity while taking a hot vinyasa class recently.

I’ve spent so much time trying to ground myself since I moved to a different state that I completely forgot to take care of myself in the best way I know how. I’ve been meditating and practicing daily but one of the biggest differences is that I stopped being a student to the practice and instead became my own teacher. I’ve used a home practice as a means to survive but what I really need is a balance between being a student in the class setting as well as continuing my home practice as my daily supplementary “relearning” and grounding. 

I felt so connected with my true self during the moving meditation that lasted nearly the duration of the class. I was in a completely new class, surrounded by people I didn’t know and although I was literally foreign, I felt at home. 

This was such an incredible feeling. It was followed by a deep sense of “knowing” that this is where I need to be. I’m sensing some significant changes in my life in the next few months!! I’m so excited! And I’ll keep all of you in the loop. Until then!

Namaste my friends :)


This was the last photoshoot I’ve done. I unofficially, officially quit modeling when I left MN at the end of June. My agents were able to squeeze this last Lifetime Fitness shoot out of me just a week before I left. 

I was grateful to have been there, every experience shooting is always so new and fun. But I was so over modeling and this day I was happy for it to be my last shoot.

I caught the bouquet and my boyfriend caught the garter at my Brother’s wedding 

This is my “I haven’t forgotten about you” face.

I’ve been busy, it took some time to settle down into this new life. But I’m here! It’s been an interesting couple of months since moving from Minnesota. But long story short, I love my new job, I love my adorable new apartment, I love my boyfriend, and I love how this journey has deepened my spiritual practice. The “newness” of Colorado is starting to wear off as I’m settling in, but at the same time there is so much to discover here! I promise that I’ll keep all of you updated along the way ;) until then,


New State, New Home, New Job, New Diet!

I’ve been a little quiet since the move, but that is because we don’t have internet yet! I actually kind of like it though, it’s pretty peaceful without wifi. 

I absolutely love our new apartment! I’ll upload pictures once we furnish it completely, but it may take a month… We’ve got our Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme but we’re eating dinner on the floor. We knew we would have to make a couple sacrifices in order to begin our whole new life, and I’m as happy as can be :) I’m having fun buying little things here and there to make our apartment a home. 

Back in MN i was a yoga instructor and model. My income was pretty inconsistent, and at my last shoot for Lifetime Fitness I realized that I was over it. Over the last 8 years I’ve met so many incredible people, made some great connections, and learned some life lessons that have forever shaped me into the person I am. I’m happy I modeled for the time I did, it was a great experience, but I’m even more happy to be done :)  My new job has become an absolute dream! I’m a chiropractic assistant for a doctor who totally inspires me. I’m getting trained on healing lasers, spinal decompression machines,  and X-ray processing. I’m also developing specialized therapeutic yoga sequences for specific body conditions! I feel challenged, inspired, and motivated! My office is full of healthy, happy people who I look forward to seeing everyday - and my fridays are a half-day! I’m elated about this opportunity and all of the potential. 

Oh and I’ve gone paleo! I’m doing a low FODMAPS Paleo diet to help heal my UC flare. Being raw has been tricky throughout this whole moving process and to be honest I was getting bored after 3 years, I’m excited to be trying something new :) I’m pretty pleased with the reduced symptoms from this low inflammation plan and I’ve had a few indications that I’m healing :) Eating well in Colorado much easier than in Minnesota. There are so many like-minded people out here! There are tons of independent stores, bars, and restaurants and there are tons of places to eat organic local food. I truly feel like I belong in Colorado. I’m so happy we finally moved! 

Does anyone in CO have any recommendations for places to shop, eat, or hike? 

Well hey there! Yes I drove from MN to CO by myself, it was a 15.5 hour trip for me including stops.  I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. At some point the time started to fly by, I think that was because of the audiobook and a couple long phone calls with friends. I totally recommend getting a compelling audiobook, a car charger for your phone, a AAA membership, plenty of snacks and fruit, coconut water for hydration, and bring a sucker or something to keep your mouth busy if you start to feel yourself zoning out. I didn’t have anything so I slowly sipped Coconut water for an hour until my next stop. It worked.

I left at 5 in the morning to beat any traffic and within an hour my joints started to resent the trip, but stretching at every stop helped. I listened to morning radio until I lost it somewhere near Iowa. I started getting tired and thought I was going to nap around noon but a 5-hour energy gave me a second wind! I started my audiobook “Conversations With God” and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. Between CDs I’d call friends for some communication. My phone was also my GPS so my car charger was much needed. 

I had all my stops pre-planned so I knew I was filling up in safe areas. I never let my tank go less than 1/4. I didn’t talk to any strangers and I didn’t eat any foods out of my normal diet (considering you’re going to be stuck in a car by yourself for a day) oh yes and I brought my car into the shop a week ahead and got a full diagnostics done, oil change and a complete look through/top up. Yeah it cost me $700 in the end (because of the damn AC thingamagig) but I got to CO safely :) 

And one last thing. Prepack your car a week ahead to see what you can fit, then unpack most of it so you can get around that week, then when you repack it you’ll be able to tetris that shit and get even more stuff in there! Make sure all the necessities are within arms distance.

Enjoy your trip!!  

In 24 hours I’ll be on the road somewhere in Nebraska, on the way to see the love of my life, ready to start our new life in Colorado =)

The latest on MN to CO

So for those of you who are following my latest personal posts, you would know that I’m in the middle of moving from Minnesota to Colorado! My boyfriend and I have been planning this for quite a while and it seems like everything has just fallen into place over the course of a month! The universe wants us in Colorado ;) 

Initially l felt some anxiety about this move so I started blocking and organizing my tasks. 

  1. LT audition*
  2. Job Interviews/secure job**
  3. Apartment hunt**
  4. Sell everything at garage sale, donate the rest***
  5. Pack what we’re taking
  6. Cars (fixing/selling/trading)****
  7. Visit with friends, family, and do all last minute appointments 
*The Lifetime audition turned out to be just experience for me because the closest lifetime to where I will be living is 40 minutes away - no thanks.
**Boyfriend and I both secured our jobs during our last visit. We also secured an adorable apartment!
***I decided not to do a garage sale because it’s more work than I’d like to be doing right now, instead we’ve sold all of our furniture and donating the rest. Be gone, old goods!
****We’re keeping our cars and after a few paychecks may consider getting nicer ones. 

Boyfriend just made his 15 hour drive, so that leaves me with 10 more days to finish packing my closet and some kitchen stuff, visit friends, and do all last minute appointments. Then I’ll be driving 15 hours! I’m actually excited for the drive, i’ll get a nice audiobook and zone out :) 

Very successful trip to Colorado

I’m flying back to Minnesota this afternoon, and I am so excited to come right back! I love Colorado. I love the people, the Denver metro, the culture, the fact that there are independent stores, bars and restaurants everywhere, the organic food. I have spent so much time outside because the weather is so incredible! In Minnesota we spend our whole winter inside because we get attacked with either -30 windchill or mosquitos and swamp like humidity for a good chunk of our year. But in Colorado, they get 300 days of sunshine a year. My world revolves around the sun, so naturally I like this big burning ball of fire ;) 

Also, cross off task #2 because I GOT THE JOB! I am working as a chiropractic assistant with incredible opportunities to build on my youtube yoga and internet base, he’s pretty much going to be my mentor when it comes to the ever growing internet. I can’t sit still.

Cross of task #3 because we did a whole tons of apartment hunting and ended up settling on a nice place near our friend. We stayed with this friend for the duration of our trip and ended up getting the real feel of the place. Plus it has everything we wanted in an apartment: fireplace, vaulted ceilings, open kitchen with breakfast bar, covered deck, top floor, gigantic soaking tub, deep sinks, walk in closet, and the amenities rock! Apartments are built way differently here in CO. 

I feel like a whole lot of weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Now I can start task 4: Moving Sale, sell everything. We’re starting over new :) I’ve got a week and a half to plan this sale and start setting up my final appointments, obligations, and meetings in MN. 

And quit my jobs :) This is so exciting! 

My mind is all over the place!

I’ve got an audition with LifeTime Fitness in 2 hours for a Yoga Instructor position that I’ve been trying to get for the last year and a half. The results of this audition will continue in Colorado because I’M MOVING!!

I’m leaving for Colorado this week to scope out some apartments with my boyfriend, hang out with friends and do a few interviews. I’m so excited! Plans are that we’ll get there right before my birthday, July 2nd. Then we can spend my birthday, 4th of July, and our 4 year anniversary in our new home together. I feel so much happiness and excitement! I’m all over pinterest planning and designing our new apartment. But before I get too excited about what color shag carpet we’ll have in the living room I need to secure myself a job. Boyfriend already has a job out there, and I can teach yoga anywhere but I’m really working on getting a chiropractic assistant/wellness assistant job somewhere near Denver. I know that everything is going to work out and I’m going to be so happy out there working part-time, teaching yoga, making delicious raw goodness from the local farmer’s markets, and cuddling on the lovesac next to the fireplace. But I feel totally overwhelmed, funny too because my job is to teach people how to chill out…

Oh well, if I were to teach myself to relax I would say: Step back and look at the whole picture in order of events, then zoom in and only focus on 1 task at a time. When that task is finished you can move onto the next. Breath deeply, smile often, and remind yourself that everything is going to be okay. 

Whole Picture (Everything to do before the move)

  1. LT audition
  2. Job Interviews/secure job
  3. Apartment hunt
  4. Sell everything at garage sale, donate the rest
  5. Pack what we’re taking
  6. Cars (fixing/selling/trading)
  7. Visit with friends, family, and do all last minute appointments 

That’s about it. Now that it’s all written down it seems easier to handle.

Zoom In: 1 task

  1. LT audition!! 
This is all that I have to think about now, and it feels good :) 

Inhale, exhale, :), everything is going to be okay. 

I got another image back from a past yoga shoot!! :) 

Managing Ulcerative Colitis on a RAW food diet

"Do you have colitis? i noticed you mentioned it in my video. my mom has it, and shes vegetarian.. but claims all raw fruits and veggies give her terrible symptoms. any help with getting her to eat more raw and relieve her symptoms would be greatly appreciate <3"

Yes I have Ulcerative Colitis. I was diagnosed when I was 8, pretty severe symptoms since I was 5. I’ve been off meds & steroids for nearly 5 years. I use a clean, healthy, enzyme rich raw food diet and the calming practice of yoga to manage the disease. I don’t like that word - I’m far from dis-eased, in fact I’m extremely healthy, active, happy and at ease! No longer do I have to follow the low fiber, bland diet my doctors wanted me on. No longer do I live in contant flare! In fact, I’ve only had 1 flare since starting raw (2.5 years ago) and I was able heal it RAW & NATURALLY. It took longer than steroids and meds would, but I was patient and it was SOOO worth it. Since then I’ve been very keen with my body and when I notice any symptoms of flare I go back to 100% raw, cut out the trigger foods (like nuts & seeds) and juice like crazy! 

My recommendation is to buy a juicer and juice mostly veggies & some fruit daily. My favorite drink when I’m in flare is to nurse a pitcher of: Bok Choy, Cucumber, Celery, Cabbage*, and Carrots. Tell her to start with small amounts, like a small glass, then she can work her way up to larger amounts of juice. (just because juice tends to be very cleansing) As far as juicers go, I recommend the Omega brand (slow rotation) but they all work, Jack LaLanne Juicers is a good brand too!

*The Cabbage is especially great for UC because it is very high in glutamine, an amino acid that has anti inflammatory properties AND it protects the lining of the digestive track! Raw saurkraut is another good source of glutamine.

When I was in flare I did cabbage juice everyday (mixed in with the recipe above). Another raw food she may find more relieving than aggravating is Papaya. If eating it doesn’t work for her she can always juice it.  

All of our bodies are different, and Ulcerative Colitis affects people differently. Tell her to experiment, keep a food/mood/BM journal (all in the same book) so she can track how different foods affect her, raw, steamed, cooked etc. For me, during flare, I avoid nuts, seeds, rice & hard workouts (I want my body to spend it’s energy healing) and I do a whole lot of juicing, raw milk, raw smoothies & salads, yoga, & weekly accupunture. Nowadays, if I notice any flare symptoms I’ll do just juice for a couple of days, it gives my colon a chance to rest and heal while my body gets tons of nutrients and enzymes! 

Also, tell her to trust her intuition, sometimes doctors can be very helpful in managing UC naturally, and sometimes they can be detrimental to the process, one doctor shamed and tried to scare me back onto meds and regular colonoscopies and I said no, I felt great doing what I was doing and it’s been working for me since. Let me know if you have any questions!  


p.s. my ask box is being way weird, I’m having troubles responding or seeing messages. If you sent me a question and have yet to get a response try resending and include your email if you want a direct response

This was me last night during/after my kettlebell circuit workout right after Jiu Jitsu. He had me do 5 sets of:

  • 10 step back lunge & press (2-15lbs) 
  • 10 Swing (30lb)
  • 30 Swing (20lb)

and 100 full sit ups (with a heavy bag in my gaurd) These are so much easier now that I’ve done 500 of them. 

In case you were wondering, I do yoga 6x/week, Jiu Jistu 2-3x/week, Thai Box 2-3x/week and KB circuits 3x/week. I also eat really clean, mostly raw, the rest is whole foods. I LOVE being active. I switch up my training regularly because I love learning new workouts, especially HIIT. Yoga is my chill pill, and it keeps me long, lean. But the workouts and training, those keep me fit, strong and sane. 

And 3 years ago I was a couch potato about to start p90x. I had no idea how to workout, or what to eat. I had no idea that I was about to begin a health/fitness/nutrition journey. It just takes one step, one healthy choice at a time. 

I had the most incredible evening with my boyfriend last night! Awww I’m still melting over how romantic it all was <3 We had a delicious, intimate dinner date and pranced around our King Whirlpool Suite with champagne and chocolate ;) We ended the night with a candlelit whirlpool for 2. He had me smiling and laughing the whole time, I love my boyfriend so much! He’s my better half, my best friend, my everything. I’m getting all mushy now…