Very successful trip to Colorado

I’m flying back to Minnesota this afternoon, and I am so excited to come right back! I love Colorado. I love the people, the Denver metro, the culture, the fact that there are independent stores, bars and restaurants everywhere, the organic food. I have spent so much time outside because the weather is so incredible! In Minnesota we spend our whole winter inside because we get attacked with either -30 windchill or mosquitos and swamp like humidity for a good chunk of our year. But in Colorado, they get 300 days of sunshine a year. My world revolves around the sun, so naturally I like this big burning ball of fire ;) 

Also, cross off task #2 because I GOT THE JOB! I am working as a chiropractic assistant with incredible opportunities to build on my youtube yoga and internet base, he’s pretty much going to be my mentor when it comes to the ever growing internet. I can’t sit still.

Cross of task #3 because we did a whole tons of apartment hunting and ended up settling on a nice place near our friend. We stayed with this friend for the duration of our trip and ended up getting the real feel of the place. Plus it has everything we wanted in an apartment: fireplace, vaulted ceilings, open kitchen with breakfast bar, covered deck, top floor, gigantic soaking tub, deep sinks, walk in closet, and the amenities rock! Apartments are built way differently here in CO. 

I feel like a whole lot of weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Now I can start task 4: Moving Sale, sell everything. We’re starting over new :) I’ve got a week and a half to plan this sale and start setting up my final appointments, obligations, and meetings in MN. 

And quit my jobs :) This is so exciting!