Looked up the tag “Ulcerative Colitis”…

and damn! Everyone is so negative! Yes, UC and Crohns are painful and exhausting diseases but I’ve found that maintaining a positive outlook has helped me the most. 

The words “chronically ill” just don’t resinate with me. Yes, I have an autoimmune disease and I deal with symptoms and flares that some people refer to as “humiliating and crippling” but I just refuse to look at it that way. I’m happier and healthier than I’ve ever been, I’ve accepted my body and I’m finding more and more ways to become healthier and better everyday. I’m even in the middle of a flare up right now. My goal is to heal this flare up before I leave for Colorado but I’m not going to stress over it. I’m doing my best to eat healthy and to bring my body into a healing alkaline state so that this flare can pass. It will take longer to heal than if I took a magical prednisone (steroid) prescription but I prefer to treat the cause, not the symptoms. Also, I hate what those meds do to my body, let’s not pump me full of chemicals if we don’t have to. 

I “suffered” from the disease for over 13 years before I decided enough was enough. I weaned myself off my meds  & steroids and started experimenting with my diet, exercise, and outlook. I spent the last 5-6 years experimenting and taking note of my “food sensitivities.” As of the last 3 years, this is what I do: 

When I’m not in flare:

  • Mostly raw & whole food diet, able to experiment into cooked foods, even meat and dairy (minimal)
  • Stay away from trigger foods: Highly processed, fried anything, nuts with shells, etc.
  • Daily workouts - no restrictions on working out or styles of workouts 
  • Daily yoga - to help manage stress & maintain a healthy body/circulation
  • Happy

When I’m in flare:

  • 100% raw food diet (no raw nuts, peels) + juicing daily
  • NO meat or dairy, exception for raw milk (raw milk has been very healing for me)
  • Daily yoga - to manage stress and keep me active
  • Restricted workouts, depends on my energy level. 
  • Daily: Raw honey, Raw coconut oil, Aloe vera juice, chia seed, raw sauerkraut, juiced cabbage, raw milk (when available)
  • Happy

If a flare up gets really bad:

  • 100% raw food diet with juice fasting to deliver much needed nutrients while giving my colon a break. 
  • Daily yoga & walking only, no other forms of workouts. My body needs to reserve energy for healing
  • Daily: Raw honey, Raw coconut oil, Aloe vera juice, chia seed, raw sauerkraut, juiced cabbage, raw milk 
  • Acupuncture 1-2x week
  • Happy

This works for me. I’m not recommending anyone go off their medicine or slap their doctors… I’m just putting it out there that you can find relief, it may be risky and uncomfortable but there is such a thing as natural healing. Sure, I still go through the occasional flare up but consider this:

When I was on Asacol/pentasa + steroids and following the diet the doctors recommended I was flaring an average of 4x a year. It seemed like I was constantly sick. Ever since I got off my meds and followed my own natural healing path I’ve had an average of flaring once every 2+ years. 

I have to thank my loving boyfriend for supporting me and encouraging me along this natural healing path. My family accepts me for who I am and they do a great job supporting me, especially around the dinner table. I really appreciate that I have such a strong support system especially because my methods seem odd to some, even wrong in most western doctors’ standards. But my results speak for themselves, and it’s my disease I’ll decide how I want to treat it.