What is your biggest concern in your yoga practice?

  1. nenilam answered: Not to loose my focus by sudden noises or other disturbances
  2. lookupcollection answered: Truly letting go of thoughts that do not serve me. Savasana is a tough pose for me :)
  3. vknanavati said: Also, it’s hard for me to focus on breathing correctly and freeing my mind of my worries/thoughts during practice. I love your blog/YouTube videos so thank you for posting them!
  4. vivaalicious answered: Getting to the point where I’m flexible enough to actually do yoga moves..
  5. teamtoaf answered: Building the confidence to practice at home, rather than relying on the energy of others during classes.
  6. radhobo said: Working new poses into my flow instead of sticking to my habitual flow :/
  7. iamjeffreyw said: At the moment arm balances, and I’m working on wheel pose. I also concern myself with things that I shouldn’t really think or care about. Am I doing enough? will I get my body into the type of shape I want? How long will it take? Should I eat that? Etc
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