What tonight’s flat tire taught me

  • Even when you’re “too busy to deal,” there may be a sneaky pothole waiting to knock you off track.
  • If it does, then the sooner you accept it, the sooner you can get home safe and warm.
  • Belly breathing really helps in the moments that you think you might lose it out of frustration. 
  • When you’re all alone in a situation like this you’re forced to take care of yourself. This only proves that you were totally capable of taking care of yourself the entire time. 
  • Self pity serves no purpose but to waste time. In 3 degree weather, time is measured in the feeling in my toes. My toes are precious! 
  • The manta “Everything will be okay” gets me through EVERYTHING. 
  • Humans are kind, and full of love. I’m so grateful for the gas station attendant who let me stow my car overnight, and for the cabbie who drove me home at no charge. 

What a day! I got pulled over and ticketed this morning on my way to work, and on the drive home hit a pothole that shredded my tire. Dark, cold, and alone in a not-so-great area, I started to freak out and felt my stomach knot up. Then I realized that this was a time for me to observe the feelings in my body instead attach myself to them, think logically about what the most appropriate thing to do is, and get myself home.  

I’m home safe and sound. Thawing out and reflecting on the events of today. I’m not going to say I had a bad day, because really, it was kind of an adventure! I’ll get my car fixed tomorrow morning and I’m teaching my first yoga class in 6 months tomorrow afternoon!! Even a ticket and a flat tire can’t derail my excitement :) 

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